I’m not dead… but the blog is

I know, I know… it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done anything here.  That’s not gonna change :(.  However, I’m on Tumblr (sickvisionz.tumblr.com).  I like Tumblr because it kinda sorta does everything WordPress can do, but mentally, there’s stuff that I feel would be way to small and take too much time to actually write a blog about, but I shoot of a quick 140+ character comment.  It integrates very well into Twitter and Facebook and I love that about it.

So, I’ll leave you all with one last video that sums up Flights of Fancy…

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Drinking and watching #E3 – Microsoft

Ok, I’m sipping on some Apple Ginger Absolut + Cranberry juice and watching Microsoft’s E3 conference.  Here are some quick thoughts.

Tomb Raider… I came in in the middle of this.  I thought the show started an hour later.  My thoughts?  Lara won’t shut up the whole time.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier… I don’t play FPS but I’d love to see that Kinect gun mode thing in action.  The guy would spread his hands apart and all the gun mods would separate and be changeable.  I’d love to see a RPG where you could do that when equipping items and stuff.  Looks pretty awesome.

Kinect Fun Club… none of this in itself appealed to me but it was basically tech stuff for Kinect.  None of them were really games and I don’t really care about playing them, but the tech like finger tracking and scanning things will be nice when put into a game.

Fable Whatever… not much to say, but when Peter Moly-something was like, “you’ve played the villain” I thought he would be saying that you were playing the villain.  That is something I would buy and play.

Halo: Combat Evolved – Anniversary…. I don’t really play FPS that much, but I do have fond memories of playing Halo 2 death match with my roommates and friends during my college days.  If they buy this, I’ll buy this.

Star Wars Kinect… meh.  Combat wasn’t crazy insane for me.  It was meh.  I was hoping for something that actually took swordfighting skills to play.  Still waiting for Jedi Knight.

Live TV on the 360… meh.  For everyone with TVs that can’t watch tv, this is a good move.  My TV can watch live TV though.

So overall, cool show but the only games I’m amped for are the ones I was already amped for like Final Fantasy XIII2, Mass Effect 3, and Witcher 2, which weren’t shown.

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The dorkiest dreams in all the land #nerdmuch

Play this while reading this blog post.  You’ll understand later…

Sunday Night So me and two of my friends are going to see a movie.  We have about 30 minutes before the movie starts so I decide to walk around outside.  While walking I come across a thrift store.  Never one to pass up a thrift store, I go inside to check out what they have.

This turns out to be the most awesomely laid out thrift store in the world as it reminds me of IKEA. Anyways, they have a pretty extensive vinyl collection which I thought was great and it included a lot of soundtracks, but the only one I remember was The Terminator.  They also had some electronics and I stopped in my tracks when I saw an SNES.  I took it out and the owner came over to talk with me about.

I was a Genesis kid

I asked him if he had a power cable (there were no  controllers) and he said probably so.  The bulk of the dream was spent with me searching through boxes for power adapters and seeing if they fit. The only odd thing about the dream was that every time I time I turned around to test a cable, it seemed like two 1″ termites had crawled out of the system.  Near the end, we found one that worked and we got a game to load up but I remember being worried about the price because I asked him for a total and he said he had to check eBay before he could give me a total.  I actually think that the worrying is what woke me up from the dream.

Monday Night My old friend from high school, we’ll call him Adat to keep thing anonymous, was visiting me.

<real life> Adat used to draw these weird pornish cartoon pictures back in high school and make these odd sound effects.  At the time, I didn’t understand what it was but about oh… 8 years later I realized he was drawing fan service from manga and anime.</real life>

Incidental or purposeful stuff like this is "fan service"

Because of this, I’ve always wanted to reconnect with him and 1) see if he still watches anime (he was deep into it like 4 years before I was) and 2) prove my otaku-ness (and that I’ve caught up to his otaku-ness by putting him onto a good anime.

So, I was browsing Hulu and I saw that Panty & Stocking episode #1 was up.  Lol, the rest of the dream was a real time rewatch of episode 1, except it was dubbed.  There were a couple of voices that I was familiar with but I can’t point them out now.  I remember that Panty and Stocking sounded like dingy, white, valley girls, which I thought was a good choice.  One thing that did bug the hell out of me was that they re-recorded the transformation song and completely changed it to something that didn’t fit (although it had a funky ass bass line that reminded me of Mellow Mellow, Right On by Lowrell).

Also, for some reason the episode stopped before they actually transformed.  This started an Inception like sequence of events where I began to notice the oddness of the dream, such as

  • Wtf would they change the song
  • Hulu does not host partial episodes of shows
  • The series isn’t supposed to come out in the US until 2012
These realizations led to me waking up and dream ending.
So yeah…
Mundane stuff like this is what happens when I goto bed.  Most of the times, I simply don’t have dreams, every once in a while I’ll have a working man’s nightmare like losing the rent money pr getting fired and having to move back in with my parents, and other times my nerdy side gets to show out and have super fun with stuff like this.
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You know, I wouldn’t mind being arrested by cops like this

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Digital bitches… what are we coming to?

"The Mona Lisa"


Ahh yes, everytime I see these things it makes me shed a tear.  What are we coming to?  Seriously.  Part of me is upset because I see these and with a few beers my eyes naturally gravitate to the digital rack being displayed.  Is this some sort of subtle marketing trick designed to take effect after years and years of viewing?  Digital bitches.  I can’t help but think that stuff like this contributes to the slutification of our youth.  Somebody somewhere is rolling in their grave.  I’m not sure who, but somebody somewhere is doing it because of this add.  Anyways, enough of my conservative side for the day.

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7 Deep, Episode 3: We Without Wings

This show holds a special place with me as the only ultra crass, crude, rude, and innuendo fueled show that I’m following so far this season.  While not the most ultra hq and thought provoking show in the world, I love this series and wouldn’t trade it for the world (unless the world was School Days 2 or one of its spiritual successors).  Check out my thoughts on it in episode 3 of 7 Deep.

For the First Impressions video, click here

Quick Run Down

Show: We, Without Wings (Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai) via Crunchyroll
Quick Summary: A young man with split personalities lives out his life as three distinct people in a city where anything is possible… especially if it’s absurd, ridiculous, and involves upskirt shots.

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The cat in my backyard

Not much to say.  I was working on a video and saw a cat walk onto my porch and lay down to chill out I guess.  Luckily, me opening the blinds to take a picture of it didn’t scare it away.

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